Foundation Program

Body Safety Australia works in partnership with children's primary care-givers and their teachers in keeping children safe. We use a variety of mediums including songs, interactive games, stories, and age-appropriate educational activities with the children.

Children will learn a range of protective behaviours and skills and be reassured, through our 'no secrets' message, that they can talk to trusted adults about everything that happens in their lives.

Sessions will include identifying feelings - both positive and negative - as well as encouraging the children to recognise the ways their body might be telling them they are feeling unsafe (body warning signs). Each child will also identify their network of trusted adults.

Parents/guardians will be given information on the program and how they can continue to support their child at home by helping children identify body warning signs, talking with trusted adults and what to do if a child discloses abuse.

The BSA Prep program is completed in two sessions of 45 mins each. A body safety resource pack goes home with every child.

Students learn:

  that some parts of our bodies are private

  how to recognise and name feelings and where we feel them in our bodies

  the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch

  that our bodies belong to us

•  identify the people who listen and help us

  assertive communication 


Contact us to see how we can tailor a program for your school.