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Author, speaker, and consultant in the areas of gender, sexuality education, abuse prevention education, and women and children's rights. 

Deanne has taught sexuality education to thousands of students from prep to year ten across Victoria. She has developed a style that is respectful, inclusive, informative and light hearted.

She prides herself on being able to respond to the needs of individual students and classes and works closely with teachers to ensure students gain as much as possible from her programs. She understands that not all classes have the same needs and is able to tweak programs to respond in real time.

Deanne is working on her second book, What's a French Kiss? An informative and humorous response to the questions she has been asked by nine to thirteen year olds about puberty, bodies, sex and sexuality.  

Deanne's latest work:

Deanne will be speaking about sexual abuse prevention education at 2017 Early Childhood Education Conference. 

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Co-founder | Body Safety Superstar | Business Manager | Creative Director

2015 Young Citizen of the Year (Whitehorse City Council), accredited Parent Effectiveness Training Instructor, and counsellor (Family Relationships & Childhood Sexual Abuse).

Illustrator and watercolour artist during the school holidays. All Body Safety Australia's books and resources have been designed and illustrated by Whitney.  

Previously, Whitney supported parents with respectful communication solutions at Safe & Happy Kids, as well as professional development workshops for Monash University.

Whitney was invited to speak at  13th Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect.

Whitney is currently a member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect's Young People's Advisory Board. 

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Body Safety Superstar

Hi! My name is Yoshi.

I’m trained as a medical doctor with a special interest in ethics, mental health and sexual health. In the past, I’ve designed a sexual health online short course for medical students across the country to address gaps in the medical curriculum.

I also volunteer with Possible Dreams International delivering workshops on racism and diversity to high school students in Melbourne and have previously been involved with research into end of life care ethics.

I’m really excited to work with BSA in taking an evidence-based, inclusive and engaging approach to educating young people about body safety, sexual health and healthy relationships.

Body Safety Superstar

Hi there my name is Ebony!

I’ve just returned back to Australia after completing my masters in Gender Studies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. In my research I focused on developing sex, gender and sexuality education curriculum that is engaging and effective for young people.

I am particularly focused on advocating for diverse representations and empowering young people to feel safe and confident exploring and expressing themselves. 

I have a background in Creative Writing and Music Theatre and I would one day love to combine my passion for creative education through the development of a children’s book or stage show!  

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