Parent Information Nights

When a school, early learning centre or community group books Body Safety Australia to facilitate programs for the children, they are offered the opportunity to host a 1-hour parent information session. 

In a parent information session, parents/carers and guardians of the children will learn about their own role in protecting and educating their children, as well as having the opportunity to find out all about the sessions in which their children will be taking part.

Parents can view resources, learn about introducing protective behaviours within the family and community, and will be given the opportunity to purchase materials to use in the home.

If your community has booked our program, and hasn't been offered an information session, make sure you let them know that you would value this important opportunity to find out how to protect your children and continue their education within your home and family.

We also offer an optional 2hr parent/carer workshop that delves into grooming behaviours, the role of technology and much much more.