Permission for nappy change? Our response. 


It all started when …

Our co-founder, Deanne Carson recently appeared on ABC24 in response to Four Corners’ story on rape survivor, Saxon Mullins.

In the full interview, Deanne spoke about ‘creating a culture of consent’ by working with children from three years old and with parents from birth. Her interview was picked up by a  disreputable media outlet, edited out of context and used to silence any conversation about promoting bodily autonomy in children. The edited version has since gone viral and has created confusion for many caring parents. 

The Victorian Child Safe Standards ask that we embed an organisational culture of child safety and that we promote the participation and empowerment of children.  Showing respect for a child’s voice during vulnerable moments is at the core of both Child Safe Standard One and Seven. 

If members of your community have an questions or concerns about the media coverage, please feel free to direct them to this Snopes entry or the New Matilda article. 

Deanne has also published an op-ed on what she meant, and why we so passionately believe it

Sadly, sometimes changing culture to further empower vulnerable members of the community comes with backlash. We thank you for your ongoing support of the smallest members of our community. 

Please don’t hesitate to get back to us with any questions!



Whitney Yip & Deanne Carson (co-founders)