Professional Development For Early Learning Centres, Schools and other Organisations

We also note that cyber-safety was an issue of some confusion for the children, and was the topic where parents and teachers were most lacking confidence in their ability to understand the risks and protect children.
— Engaging and Education the Community to Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse Report, Gilmore, J. 2016

As well as offering incursions for students, Body Safety Australia can provide professional learning.

Whether you are developing your own body safety strategy, looking for practical support or complementary skills to sit alongside the Respectful Relationships curriculum, and the Child Safe Standards legislation, we can help. 

This one day program helps educators and leaders:

  • understand the ten key learning areas for body safety education create activities to embed body safety learning into the curricula
  • know the signs of possible sexual abuse, feel more confident in hearing and handling disclosures
  • discuss the need for self-care and support when working with children experiencing trauma
  • model consent and assertive communication with various age groups of children and young people 
  • become Child Safe Standards compliant 
  • create strategies for the participation and empowerment of children in body safety, support whole community solutions through parent education and cultural awareness
  • understand the role of technology in 'grooming' and childhood sexual abuse


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