Primary Program (Grade 5 - 6)


Body Safety Australia believes in age-appropriate education for children starting from birth. While our programs can be stand-alone classes, the educational value is much more effective in consecutive years. 

Building on previous years' knowledge, students in Years 5-6 will learn the difference between 'surprises' and 'secrets', the concept of 'safe words' or 'family passwords', and about consent online and offline in greater detail. 

The BSA Year 5-6 program is completed in three sessions of 1-hour each. A body safety resource pack will go home with every child.

Students learn:  

  be introduced to the safety continuum

  their network of trusted adults and older people (teens) and examine their criteria for choosing these people

  be encouraged to contact their network and discuss its role in helping them to stay safe

  explore what makes a 'good' (or comfortable) secret or a 'bad' (or uncomfortable) secret

  consent; how to give it (or not), respect it and maintain appropriate boundaries (consent applies to all touch, not just sex)


Contact us to see how we can tailor a program for your school.