Parent/Carer Workshops

Body Safety Australia offers an optional 2-hour parent/carer workshop for primary school bookings that will explain the signs of predatory behaviour and how to help keep children safe from abuse in the real world and the online world.

Our 2016 report shows that 77% of parents are NOT confident in their knowledge of child safety issues. By the end of our workshop, families will be equipped with safety tools that can be used within the home, school and community.  

Be empowered to recognise 'grooming behaviour’, warning signs and to start discussions with your children about their right to remain safe.

Children are sexual beings and are naturally curious. Not all sexual behaviours are a sign of something sinister. The workshop will also discuss age-appropriate behaviour and signs of concern. 

Our Parent/Carer Workshops cover:

  • Childhood sexual abuse; the risk, myths and misconceptions
  • Ten key areas of body safety including consent, assertive communication and identifying trusted adults
  • Identifying grooming behaviours
  • Age-appropriate play 
  • Digital technology, grooming and abuse prevention  
  • Practical body safety strategies to use at home  
  • Supporting the at-risk child including self-care

There are plenty of opportunities for discussion and activities.

Our two hour workshop is interactive and makes a positive culture change that reflects whole communities and their unique environments. Our services have been developed to support the respectful relationships curriculum and help communities become Child Safe Standards compliant.

Attendees receive a take-home education pack.