Primary Program (Grade 3 - 4)


Body Safety Australia believes in age-appropriate education for children starting from birth. While our programs can be stand-alone classes, the educational value is much more effective in consecutive years. 

Building on previous years' knowledge, students in Years 3-4 will learn about our bodies' fight-flight-freeze response to danger, fear and/or threat, personal rights, and how to reach out to a friend. 

The BSA Year 3-4 program is completed in three sessions of 1-hour each. A body safety resource pack will go home with every child.

Students learn:  

  distinguish 'early warning signs'; involuntary physical signs that they may be in danger

  fight, flight and freeze responses

  that they have rights in relation to their body

  how to help a friend

  naming our safety network and their role in our lives

  Identify the difference between secrets and surprises


Contact us today to see how we can tailor a program for your classroom.



A separate one hour elective is available for year 4 to 6 classes covering: 

  • Staying body safe online
  • Identifying online predators
  • The harm & dangers of online porn
  • Staying safe on social media