Primary Program (Grade 1 - 2) 

Body Safety Australia believes in age-approripate education for children starting from birth. While our programs can be stand-alone classes, the educational value is much more effective in consecutive years. 

Continuing with engaging group games and activities, students in Years 1-2 will revise the information learned in prep in greater detail, as well as being introduced to new (age-approripate) body safety and consent concepts.   

The BSA Year 1-2 program is completed in two sessions of 1-hour each. A body safety resource pack goes home with every child.

Students learn:

  respecting people's boundaries around touch

  identifying necessary touch (doctor/dentist, holding hands to cross the road)

  recognising and trusting instincts and emotions

  identifying our trusted adults

Contact us to find out how we can tailor our program for your community.