This means that we are committed to taking a proactive stance to body safety and protective behaviours education in an inclusive, compassionate and understanding manner. 

We function like a business (that means we provide a service or resources for a fee), but we are dedicated to eliminating childhood sexual abuse. We believe that businesses can make a positive impact in the world. 

Why be a social enterprise? Because as a social enterprise we are able to be responsive to the changes in society. Change in the community, in technology and in education happens quickly, but charitable red-tape doesn't allow many organisations to respond quickly and effectively to such emergence.

As a social enterprise, Body Safety Australia is on the ground working daily with teens, young children, and communities. Our founders, Deanne Carson and Whitney Yip are digital citizens who are connected to the moving times. In fact, Whitney is a Millennial and digital native. 

Being a social enterprise allows us to be one-step ahead of the game, which means that we bring you the latest and most effective methods in body safety and protective behaviours education that also allows your children to be a part of their own generation.  

We are just as committed to putting back into the community in various ways; from having ethnic minorities on the team to conscious partnerships with other ethical businesses and organisations to promote body awareness and ownership, children's rights, and being up-standers in life!