Thurs 8 Nov | Open Letter to the Andrews’ Government:

Body Safety Australia was excited to hear of the commitment from our local, state and national leaders to invest $6.2 million into Brunswick North West Primary School.

 As part of the school’s commitment to Respectful Relationships, Brunswick North West Primary School partnered with local not-for-profit, Body Safety Australia, to delivered consent and protective behaviours programs to staff, families and students over 2017 and 2018.

"The topic was confronting, but you move and empower people in such deep and respectful ways. I learn so much from you every time I meet you. I am so thankful for our partnership and the ongoing support and guidance that you offer me and the school community.” - Hannah Reid, Principal, Brunswick North West Primary School

Body Safety Australia co-founders have committed to strengthening this relationship by delivering a student co-designed project to ensure more gender-equitable access to play. Read more …

Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse with Whole Community Education


It is never a child or victim’s responsibility to protect themselves from abuse. Body Safety Australia support communities in preventing abuse and help create generational change where sexual and gendered violence is no longer normalised.

Culture change occurs when caring teachers and parents are supported in modelling asking for, and respecting consent so that this becomes the standard that young people uphold as they become adults. Children are taught, not only their right to bodily autonomy, but their responsibility to respect the bodies and feelings of their peers.

We are Australia's only evidence-based protective behaviours and body safety program specifically tailored for your community. Body Safety Australia has been featured on SBS Insight, Kidspot, Preschool Matters and School Governance

. . . a tough topic but done with such sensitivity, professionalism and humour. Informative and respectful to children, young people, their carer’s and their community. This is the epitome of good collaborative, educative work at all levels.
— Maria Strofalis, Family Counsellor, Good Shepherd Australia

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Watch us in action! Video: Sam Carson. Click here for transcript

A powerhouse of experts who know how to work with children, adults, and professionals in a non-judgemental, open and honest, and authentic way. BSA teaches acceptance, critical thinking, and encourages us all to think deeply about our personal values. Thank you.
— Sarah Hadley, Melbourne mum and teacher

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