About Body Safety Australia

Body Safety Australia is a social enterprise protecting children from sexual abuse with whole community solutions. Our evidence-based strategies and programs empower and educate children from 0-12 years old, their families and professionals in the home, school environment, offline and online. 

Our programs complement the Respectful Relationships curriculum and Child Safe Standards. 

We have a strong commitment to provide all communities with body safety education regardless of socio-economic status, religion, abilities, sexuality and/or family structure. 

We encourage and support discussion, questions, and the opinions of one's lived experience, and ideas of the marginalised. Our products and resources are ethically produced in Australia and Brazil. 

Body Safety Australia celebrates diversity and respect for all. We have specialised knowledge and experience in orthodox and faith-based (religious) schools, special schools, LGBTIQ communities, CALD communities, people with different abilities, and different languages.

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Why Whole Community? 

We work to ensure that communities work together to create a safer world (online and offline). In empowering children with their rights' while educating families and professionals, the burden of responsibility is placed squarely on adults to protect children. 

Our Commitment to Child Safety

Body Safety Australia is committed to keeping children and young people safe by empowering the whole community in prevention education. We value and empower children and young people's voices in our programs and create a safe space that supports all persons to disclose.

We acknowledge the diversity in our communities and provide all our highly qualified (and screened) staff with written guidance on appropriate conduct and behaviour towards children, steps and procedures to report disclosures and provide support during the process. 

About Our Founders & Team

100% created and owned by intersectional feminist women, Deanne Carson and Whitney Yip.

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We are partner-friendly! 

With our commitment to provide programs to all children and young people, we are always on the look out for financial and non-financial partnerships to marginalised communities. If your organisation is interested, please contact us. 

As a social enterprise, we also reinvest 50% of our profits to subsidise programs in rural, regional and marginalised communities.