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What does Child Safe Standards mean for your organisation? - Preschool Matters. COMING SOON! 

Online Predators and Cyber Grooming: Does your school know how to respond? - Complispace, March 30th 2017

Consent education: 'It is crucial to teach bodily boundaries at a young age' - Australian Rationalist, March 2017

Be outraged at the abuse of children, not at one mother's efforts to protect her daughter - Sydney Morning Herald, March 3rd 2017

'Does anyone know what private means?': sex abuse prevention for kids and parents - The Age, February 16th 2017

4 Body Safety Activities for Families - Goodsmiths, December 14th 2016

Teaching Kids Body Safety - Lift Magazine, September 18th 2016 

We need to teach young girls to say 'no' - Daily Life, November 26th 2015

Why it's not OK for a stranger to touch my baby - Pinky McKay, September 8th 2015

Important Numbers

Police: 000

1800 Respect: 1800 737 732     

Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 1800 806 292

Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800

Child Protection Crisis Line: 13 12 78

Useful Websites  - wealth of information and factsheets around child sexual assault, signs and how to support those affected. - teaching children about private parts, private and public using visual flashcards and social stories. - factsheet on appropriate and inappropriate sexual behaviours in children 0-18 years. - bringing respectful relationship and sexuality education to schools around Melbourne.

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